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Burns in the Workplace: Understanding Basic First Aid for Minor Burns

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Burns in the Workplace: Understanding Basic First Aid for Minor Burns Contact a fire remediation specialist in the Oak Court, TN are

Burns in the Workplace: Understanding Basic First Aid for Minor Burns

While fire damage is a concern for many industrial businesses, many employers and employees may forget basic burn first aid. Granted, when a burn is significant it is obvious to call for emergency assistance, but when an injury is minor, it is easy to ignore the issue and assume it will get better on its own.

1. Cool the Area

When a minor burn occurs, you should either hold the wound under cool running water or apply a wet compress to ease the pain. First aid on minor burns requires the use of cool water, not cold. Cold water can increase the pain for the victim.

2. Remove Jewelry

Fire damage to property does not typically continue to worsen after a fire is over. However, a burned finger or limb will likely swell and blister after the initial injury, which is why you should remove all jewelry. If a finger swells with a ring on, it can lose circulation, which can create a further injury that may require medical attention.

3. Apply Lotion and Don’t Break Blisters

You can and should apply aloe vera lotion or moisturizer to a burn, but only after it has cooled. This lotion can help with pain and assist with healing. However, you should never break open a blister caused by a burn because these fluid-filled buildups actually protect against infection.

4. Bandage the Burn and Call for Help If Needed

Once you have completed the above steps, you can bandage the wound. You will want to use sterile gauze, wrapping it loosely to avoid putting pressure on the burn. The bandage minimizes exposure and protects any blisters on the skin. If pain persists or you have any further questions, you could contact a fire remediation specialist in the Oak Court, TN, area who may be able to give more insight into first aid practices.

Fire damage to property is apparent but burns and the necessary first aid may not be. Employers and employees should be aware of the above first aid steps in case of a minor burn injury.

3 Common Sewer Issues of Commercial Properties

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

You smell it as soon as you walk into your building. There is no mistaking the smell of sewer gas. The problems that lead to such an odor are not issues you want to ignore. If your commercial property is showing any of the following signs of a blocked sewer or other related problems, it is imperative that you call your plumber and sewer remediation experts in Oak Court, TN, as soon as possible.

Frequent Clogging

When you have problems with your sewer lines, frequent clogs and toilet overflow will probably occur. There are many possible causes of chronic sewer clogs:

• Rampant misuse, such as flushing of inappropriate items
• Malfunctioning pump
• Invasive roots
• Pipe damage

While irresponsible use may be able to be fixed with well-placed signage, the other causes call for professional repair.

Sewer Odor

The stench of sewage does not contribute to a pleasant work environment. If sewer gases are being released into the airspace of your building, one of several problems could be the cause. With any luck, the culprit will be as simple as a dried-out water seal that just needs to be replaced. However, a blocked sewer or deteriorated sewer lines could be the issue. In that case, the lines will need to be repaired or replaced or the cause of the block removed in order to eliminate the odor in your building.

Sewage Leaks

If a pipe breaks as the result of foundation damage or the encroachment of tree roots, sewage may actually leak into your building. The result will likely be contamination as well as water damage. If this happens, the cleanup process must be handled by certified professionals who are trained to complete it safely.

Leaks, odors and clogs are all signs that you have a problem with your sewer lines. Repairing a blocked sewer not only gets rid of these undesirable circumstances but also protects the structural security of your building.

How Understanding Mold Damage Helps Prevent Future Mold Damage

12/28/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage is among the most dangerous forms of damage to any business. Mold damage grows quickly, spreads in a matter of hours, and produces a myriad of negative effects in various situations. Understanding what makes mold damage so dangerous is imperative for any business owner, as mold removal and remediation is the most important step to eliminating and stopping further damage. Anyone who suspects they might have mildew or mold in your building should call for a professional remediation service right away. Time is of the essence when it comes to mold removal and remediation when mold is in the home.

Why Worry About Mold?

Commercial mold damage is just as dangerous as any mold found in a home. Mold is fungus, and it’s dangerous if it's left unattended. While this type of fungus is everywhere, most people won’t realize it’s dangerous until they spend ample time affected by it. Fungus like mold is everywhere. It transports itself through mold spores in the air, and it’s a common cause of commercial mold damage.

Worrying about black mold might not be something everyone does, but it’s a problem when it appears. Once it’s found, mitigation is immediately necessary. To provide an example of the dangers of commercial mold damage, take a warehouse in which many people work day after day. The warehouse is hot, humid, and there is a small leak in a pipe. That leak produces moisture that finds itself in a perfect place to make a home. This mildew turns to mold, and commercial mold damage begins. It takes less than two days for mold spores to grow rapidly and spread, which is not good. The speed with which mold spreads is the biggest cause for concern.

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Flood and Disaster Planning: Protecting Your Building from Flood Damage

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Flood and Disaster Planning: Protecting Your Building from Flood Damage Install preventative measures like a sump pump in your Berclair,TN company

The risk of flooding is worrisome enough without tacking on the losses caused by potential flood damage. For businesses, continuity of operations is essential to both profitability and longevity, which is why protecting assets from natural disasters, like a flood, may be the most crucial element of business planning. Read below for some disaster planning tips.

1. Install Preventative Measures

Storm damage can be detrimental to businesses, especially when that damage results in operational interruptions. Companies can minimize these risks by installing preventative measures, like sump pumps and backwater valves. Additionally, with the creative use of landscaping and exterior structures, businesses can erect barriers and drainage levels around exteriors to help prevent flooding.

2. Elevate Essential Equipment

To minimize potential flood damage, businesses should elevate essential equipment. Computers are not the only pieces of fragile equipment. Boilers, generators, and other major appliances should be lifted to protect against floodwater contamination and mold growth.

3. Move Business Operations

If currently operating in an area prone to flooding, it may be worthwhile to move operations to a less risky locale. While there is an expense of moving, there can be many benefits. Aside from the possibility of lower insurance rates, a business can benefit from the security of eliminating a substantial risk of business interruption.

4. Call for Professional Evaluations

If operations are well-established and a move could potentially disrupt and hurt the business, then it may be beneficial to call for a professional property evaluation in Berclair,TN. Many restoration companies offer these evaluations to help a company decide on both appropriate preventative steps to take in securing the business and an emergency readiness plan in the event of a disaster.

Flood damage can be a significant worry of business owners, especially in this area, but taking precautions to secure the business can help alleviate that stress. By installing preventative measures, elevating equipment and preparing a readiness plan, business owners can drastically reduce the risk of damage without having to move operations.

3 Common Issues That Cause Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 3 Common Issues That Cause Water Damage in Commercial Buildings Office Water Loss

When you purchase commercial property, you often take on the quirks and issues of the building. Most of these things will be harmless, but some can become problems later on. Leaking pipes and corroded sewer lines are just two of the myriad of difficulties that could cause your building in Memphis, TN, to experience water damage.

Old Lines

If the pipes and sewer lines under and around your building are leaky, you can lose a lot of water, causing your water bill to skyrocket. It can also cause damage to your foundation or the basement if your building is equipped with one. Several different issues can occur in the pipes and lines under your building:

• Copper pipe break
• Pipe pinhole leak
• Corroded iron sewer lines

If the line is too old to fix, it may have to be replaced. There's no reason to take out leaking pipes, however, if they can be fixed. It usually costs less money to fix them as well.

Leaky Fixtures

Pipes in the walls can break, causing water damage to the inside of the wall and soaking the insulation. Leaky supply lines and a toilet backup can cause problems as well. This damage typically calls for professional remediation, unless you catch it very early and get it fixed before it can destroy anything. Vigilant maintenance is your best protection against costly repairs.

Foundation Damage

A common water issue that many people forget about is a cracked foundation. Groundwater and even runoff from your landscaping maintenance can seep into your foundation, causing the cracks to become bigger. It's important to have foundation problems taken care of quickly so that plumbing systems and the structural integrity of your building are not compromised.

When you own commercial property, you have to keep an eye out for leaking pipes and other problems that could cause water damage to your building. Catching a problem early may help you avoid damage altogether.

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Tips About Discarding Items After a Commercial Building Flood

6/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Tips About Discarding Items After a Commercial Building Flood Flood Damage in Memphis, Tennessee

When a commercial building faces flood damage, it can often mean more than a loss of home, possessions, or livelihood for a single family. Many tenants and clients can be affected by the sudden loss, and tensions can run high. Sadly, the flooded company in Memphis, TN, may be filled with chemicals, fecal matter, or even cleaning supplies that leave the liquid rated as black water and thus dangerous to humans. For that reason, it may be essential to know what can safely be saved and what must be thrown away.

High Ticket Losses

Whether the commercial building is filled with offices or homes, the first item that most often must be discarded after a flood is flooring. Damaged floor coverings may include:

• Stone
• Carpet
• Laminate
• Tile

Carpeting and the underlying padding can soak the contaminated water up like a sponge. Laminated and engineered flooring can also fare poorly after a flood since they tend to warp and stain from water damage. Even stone and tile floors can soak up tainted water that causes erosion, warping, and discoloration once the stone has completely dried several months after the flood waters are gone.

Lost Porous Possessions

Upholstered furniture, office chairs, and even wooden desks are generally not salvageable once they have been in the water for more than an hour or two in the flooded company. The same is true of computers, phones, and other electronic devices because of the near impossibility of completely disinfecting the items. Although it is tempting to try dry cleaning window coverings, the dirty water is almost sure to leave water stain marks that typically make the coverings unsalvageable.

Long Laborious Decisions

After a flood, deciding which of the numerous items that fill the commercial building should be saved or discarded can be a long and tedious process. To be sure proper sanitizing and disinfecting techniques are used on the saved items, consider finding a water restoration and repair service in Memphis, TN. Whether it is a broken pipe that floods your building or torrential rains, the specialized team can help you remove the water quickly from the flooded company.

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Why Is There So Much Water Damage After a Fire?

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Why Is There So Much Water Damage After a Fire? Commercial Business Fire Loss in Memphis, TN

A fire broke out in your commercial building in Memphis, TN. When you go to assess the damage with a fire restoration professional, you're surprised to see that fire damage isn't all that has affected your property. Water stains the walls and floor. While fire can be detrimental to a structure, the water used to put out the flames can do just as much damage. You may notice water damage on your

• Drywall
• Furniture
• Computers
• Equipment
• Flooring

Anything in a building that has caught fire could be damaged by the waters used to quench the flames. It may seem odd that these two sources of destruction come as a package deal, but they do and for good reason.

It's a Necessity

While it stinks that the fire hose spouts out so much damaging water, it is a necessary part of putting out a fire. If left alone, the flames could sweep through your entire building and spread to any structures nearby. The fire could leave you with a skeleton of your former office, so firefighters use loads of water to ensure the flames are stopped.

Unfortunately, the saving waters play another role in your property. It also fills your building, soaks your belongings and touches almost every surface.

It Needs To Be Addressed

Fire damage and water damage tend to go hand in hand in these situations. Both types of destruction need to be taken care of as soon as possible. If the water is allowed to sit untouched in your warehouse, you may come back to disintegrated belongings and mold covered walls. The sooner you get a team of water and fire remediation experts in the sooner your business can go back to normal.

Fire damage rarely shows up in a commercial building on its own. When flames engulf your business, you may also have to deal with damage done by the water used to put the fire out.

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Sewage Backup Is a Real Risk – Here Is What You Can Do To Prevent It

3/16/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Sewage Backup Is a Real Risk – Here Is What You Can Do To Prevent It Air Scrubber being used after sewage back up loss

When cities flood, it is not uncommon for rain water to push sewage into the basements and main floors of buildings. Flood damage is difficult enough to deal with, but when there is a sewer backup, the situation becomes much more complicated, mainly because black water is so hazardous. As a result, the restoration process for sewage backup is also much more expensive. If you want to prevent sewage backup and cut the cost of flood restoration in Memphis, TN, consider taking the following three preventative measures:

• Install a standpipe
• Install drain plugs
• Consider an overhead sewer

Invest in a Standpipe

A standpipe is essentially a pipe stuck into the drain in the floor and encased by a rubber watertight seal. Any backup that comes up through the drain flows directly into the standpipe instead of out onto the floor. Most standpipes are about three feet tall and are effective in preventing sewer backup.

Install Drain Plugs

Drain plugs are installed in the floor drain and are activated once water reaches a certain level. If water is allowed to back up in the pipes, a float is activated and causes the drain to stop working. Once the water recedes, the float is deactivated and the drain is allowed to continue to operate as normal.

Consider an Overhead Sewer

This form of protection is the most effective but also the most expensive, as installing it requires the expertise of a licensed plumber. An overhead sewer works by providing a space (called a sump) for flood water to collect beneath floor level. Once rain water flows into the sump, it is redirected to the building’s central sewage system.

A building subject to sewer backup and black water can be costly to restore. If you want to minimize damage and prevent unnecessary costs, consider investing in a standpipe, installing drain plugs and installing an overhead sewage system.

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What Can Professionals Salvage After a Commercial Fire?

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Fires are disastrous for any business, but it does not mean your business in Memphis, TN, has to be inconvenienced for long. Many items can be salvaged following a fire. Occasionally, all you need to do is take the item in for dry-cleaning. As professionals look at the walls and floor of your building, make sure to ask about content cleaning.


Certain items are prone to absorbing soot. These include:

• Clothing
• Upholstered furniture
• Carpets
• Drapes

You want to leave these in the hands of professionals. The reason is that if you attempt to wash them on your own, then you could end up doing more harm than good. Washing incorrectly only causes the soot and smoke to go deeper into the fabric. This will make the ultimate remediation more difficult, so always give these products to dry-cleaning professionals.


In many cases, professionals will be able to salvage electronics. However, you need to take care to unplug the electronics as soon as the fire is put out. You should also avoid turning the items on until a professional looks at them because there could be interior water damage.


It is possible to salvage some books and documents, depending on the extent of the damage. However, it is extremely difficult and not always possible. Therefore, commercial property owners need to remain proactive and retain backups of all critical documents. This includes bank statements, insurance policies and other important records. Having backups will be a lifesaver if the original copies cannot be saved. It is recommended to keep these backups in another location outside of the office building.

Remediation experts who offer content storage and dry-cleaning will do everything in their power to salvage as much as possible. Ultimately, it is a good idea to have a solid insurance policy and to begin the claims process as soon as you can.

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Business Restoration After a Flood

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

Your business may flood for a number of reasons. A flooded company can be caused by natural disasters, a broken pipe or a heavy rainstorm. If your building has water damage, it’s time for restoration. Most people are stumped by how to handle the cleanup process. They may not know which items to throw out, which items to clean or how to clean them.

1. Which Items To Clean

It’s wise not to try to handle the cleanup on your own. A restoration company can assess the damage done to your business. They can tell you which items can be cleaned and which cannot be. The rule of thumb to remember is that nonporous objects can be cleaned, whereas porous materials typically cannot be. For instance, carpeting, bedding and soft furniture may be difficult to clean. However, hard and smooth surfaces can be washed.

2. How To Clean Your Contents

Most people use a formula of detergent, vinegar and water to clean their contents after a flood. You do not always need powerful cleaners. If there is mold or mildew, an expert can assess how it should be cleaned and with what equipment. When clothing is damaged in a flood, it may be salvageable. The safest option is to take clothing to a dry cleaner. Dry cleaning will sanitize your clothes.

3. What Items To Throw Out

Upholstered furniture, bedding and paper products should be the first to be removed after a flood. These are objects that can be difficult if not impossible to clean. If the documents that were damaged in your flooded company are important, then you may be able to salvage them. For everything else, it is safe to toss it out.

The cleanup of your flooded company in Eads, TN does not have to be a miserable affair. The first step to accomplishing your goal is to have an idea of how you and your specialist can handle the mess.

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How a Commercial Fire Damage Company Will Restore Your Business

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

How a Commercial Fire Damage Company Will Restore Your Business

Were you a recent victim of a fire in your home or a fire in your business? Are you dealing with a horrible smoke smell? Are you trying to clean up smoke damage and soot damage? Do not try to deal with the commercial fire damage and the fire cleanup process by yourself. You should not even enter your home or your business before calling a fire restoration company. There may be safety hazards. The structure may cave in at any moment, and there may be broken shards of glass that can hurt you. The smoke smell can also be dangerous.

It is imperative that you call a professional restoration company as soon as you possibly can. They will do an assessment of your burnt home and take in all of the fire damage. They will come up with a plan of action for the restoration of your home and for dealing with the commercial fire damage.

The first thing the restoration company will do is board up the holes in your walls and your broken windows. You need to board up the holes before you take care of the water damage, or else more water may enter your home through those holes when it rains, thus undoing your work. A professional restoration company will use tarps or wood boards to board up those holes. The holes that need boarding up include the holes caused by the fire and the holes caused by the firefighters; they often make holes to make sure that the fire is not still burning behind the wall. Boarding up the holes is the first step of dealing with commercial fire damage.

After doing that, the fire damage restoration service will start removing the water from your home. Water that was used to put out the fire in your home or the fire in your business can cause serious damage. It can soak your furniture and your walls. You will need flood pumps to pump out the water. You will need special tools to dry out your walls, your furniture, and your carpets. A professional fire damage restoration service has the tools that are necessary to deal with commercial fire damage.

The next step in dealing with the fire damage is dealing with the smoke damage, also referred to as the soot damage. Your walls will likely be blackened. They will need to be cleaned from all the soot that covers them. They will be grayed by the smoke, and you will need to clean that up as well, or else the smoke smell will not go away. You will need to repaint your walls and ceiling so that you totally remove the trace of the soot damage and smoke damage. You should probably also add new wallpaper. The good news is that a fire cleanup company will do all of this and remove the smoke smell for you in a professional and timely manner.

The next step in dealing with the fire damage, after dealing with the smoke damage and soot damage, will be repairing the structure of your home. The fire cleanup company will need to repair the walls and the ceilings, as well as the floors, of your home. It is likely that they were badly damaged. They may not be safe anymore. The fire cleanup company can replace weakened walls and beams. They can turn your home or business into a beautiful place that is safe again after the fire in your home or the fire in your business. They can turn your home into a beautiful place that you love living in again.

The fire damage restoration company will deal with other aspects of fire damage as well. They will make sure your plumbing service is working after the fire in your home or the fire in your business. They will make sure that your electrical system is working. They will help you repair and replace any appliances that may have been damaged. They will make sure your sprinkler system is working and will be ready in case anything goes wrong. The fire damage restoration service will not leave until you are satisfied.
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Don't Make Rash Decisions during a Flood

9/30/2017 (Permalink)

Don't Make Rash Decisions during a Flood

The water in your business could be infested with all kinds of bacteria. Remember that there is also the risk of electrical shock. Do not make hasty decisions upon arriving at a flooded waters on your business premises. Yes, there's a chance that some of the property can be salvaged, but not at the expense of safety. Flood water can be very devastating but keep in mind that a supply line break and pipe break should also be professionally handled by the restoration company.

Upon arrival, the mitigation or restoration company will work fast to restore the home to livable conditions. They will use high tech equipment to carry out the processes of water cleanup, drying, and disinfection. Stay safe, let the professional restoration company do it's job.

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Securing a Building After a Fire

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Securing a Building After a Fire

The more common types of fire restoration work done after a building suffers from commercial fire damage include the clean up of soot damage, water damage and smoke damage. It can take just a few days to finish work on the building after a small utility room fire that a fire suppression system contained to that room, but a more serious electrical fire that spread through the building can take weeks to clean. Owners should look at some of the services that fire restoration companies offer in addition to how long the cleaning will take.

Securing the Building

After the head firefighter puts away the fire hose and drives off in a fire truck, the company called to the scene will take steps to secure both the building and the surrounding property. They often use large tarps on the roof to keep wild animals from getting inside and smaller tarps on any broken doors or windows. Some owners may opt for plywood boards instead of tarps. Those boards will remain secured to each opening until the fire damage cleanup is done.

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Drying Any Water After a Fire

9/30/2017 (Permalink)

Drying Any Water After a Fire

A standard water hose can pump dozens of gallons of water from the street to a building in a few minutes or less. The firefighter using that fire hose may use tools and supplies from the fire truck on the scene to contain the flames too. The hose will likely cause some water damage that will require professionals dry the water before dealing with the smoke damage and soot damage. A fire sprinkler system can cause some water damage too. If there is more water inside, they may combat the commercial fire damage and water damage with a pump to extract the water.

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Removing Chemicals In Case of a Fire

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Removing Chemicals In Case of a Fire

Fire suppression systems use wet and dry chemicals that both reduce the amount of oxygen available for the fire to feed on and to put out those flames. Those fire suppression chemicals will leave a thin layer of film on the surface of everything in the room, including office supplies, furniture and computers.

Removing the chemicals requires cleaning each individual surface in the room. In buildings that use a fire sprinkler system, the cleaners will need to dry the surfaces and reset the fire sprinkler system.

Having the chemicals removed will help assure there will not be more damage, known as secondary damage, after the original fire. A tip is to store chemicals in a separate building.

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Before Commercial Fire Damage Repairs Begins

9/30/2017 (Permalink)

Before Commercial Fire Damage Repairs Begins

No fire restoration company will come in after a utility room fire and immediately start cleaning. They need to get the approval from the head firefighter that work can begin and wait for the fire truck to leave. Depending on how long the fire burned, they may need to give the building time to cool down before they use tarps and boards to secure the scene.

The next step is a full inspection to determine how far and deep the fire damage went and what fire restoration methods are best for the commercial building. It may take an hour or less for the company to create a plan after seeing the damage done by an electrical fire, but after a serious utility room fire, it may take a little longer to create a plan. The plan will include the cleanup of any fire suppression systems, removing water left behind by the fire hose or the fire sprinkler system and any general commercial fire damage restoration work that the building needs. This work will vary based on how much water a firefighter used with a fire hose and fire truck and whether the building had a fire suppression system or a similar system. 

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Emergency Ready Profile by SERVPRO

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Emergency Ready Profile by SERVPRO

The need to be prepared for disasters is very important, especially for facility mangers and business owners. A disaster can strike at any time for a business. It could be just a broken pipe or utility room fire, or maybe an earthquake and flood. Whatever the case it is important to be prepared.

The Emergency Ready Profile from SERVPRO is a mobil application to help a home or business be prepared for a disaster. The highlight of the application is the function of taking pictures of key shutoff locations and adding a description of where they are located under a profile. The profile can then be shared with other staff.

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