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Business with significant water damage impacts business in Memphis, TN

Business Interruption is Prime Concern for Memphis TN Commercial Water Loss

At SERVPRO of East Memphis, our goal for commercial clients is to get their businesses up and running quickly in the event of a water or fire damage. That is what happened in this Memphis area warehouse. When a water main burst a substantial portion of this building was flooded, halting business-as-usual, and potentially creating further damages to the building if not properly mitigated. SERVPRO of East Memphis responded, extracting over 800 gallons of water to quickly begin the drying process. Business interruption is a primary concern for commercial clients and for us in tailoring services for each client. If you want more information about preventing damages, lessening down time in the event of a loss, and preparing for quick recovery in the event it should happen, contact us for a complimentary SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan for your business.

Water damage in East Memphis

Water Damage in East Memphis

Severe flooding impacted this building when storms came through the area. As you can see from this image the damage was extensive. We removed all the affected material and dried all the moisture before replacing all the flooring, insulation, and drywall.

Water damage from toilet supply line

Toilet Supply Line Floods The Office

A broken toilet supply line was the cause of the damage this office space suffered. It happened while the office was empty, so the staff came back to work to a very wet work place.

Water damage in office

Office Damaged By Water

Pictured here is an office that suffered water damage when a severe storm pushed flood waters into the facility. We moved as fast as we could to dry the office and repair all the damage caused by the water.

Damage from sewer backup

Sewage Backup

The bathroom down the hall, not pictured here, had a heavy sewage backup that caused a real mess. Our team came in and worked quickly to clean up the mess and repair the damage that it caused.

Water damage from broken pipe

Broken Pipe In Office

A pipe break caused this office to flood and damaged the carpet and walls. We removed the carpet and affected drywall. Then we brought in heaters and fans to dry up the excess moisture before restoring the facility.

Water damage at commercial facility

Water Damaged Commercial Facility

This commercial facility was damaged when a pipe broke upstairs and leaked into the ceiling. The ceiling then fell and water poured into the downstairs area. We repaired the break and cleaned up the water before restoring the facility.