Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Evidence of mold in ceiling

Mold in Ceiling

A leak under the bathroom sink above this room caused the floor to be constantly wet. The moist environment caused mold to start growing. The homeowner told us she was thankful that we addressed all her concerns and put her mind at ease.

Evidence of mold on desk

Mold in Bedroom

This spare bedroom was rarely used, so the homeowner was very surprised to find mold here. A leaking air conditioner caused a mold situation on and around this dresser. She was expecting guests and was very pleased that we were able to have this room ready in time for them!

Heavy water damage evidence on ceiling

Leak Causes Mold

A moisture problem caused by a leaking pipe resulted in the mold you see pictured above. The homeowner was concerned that it would take a lot more time than it actually did to fix the problem. She was ecstatic!

Evidence of mold in ceiling

Mold Covered Ceiling

This mold problem pictured above was the result of moisture in the attic due to a leaking roof. There were several issues to address in this situation but the homeowner was very thankful that we took care of all of it in less time than expected. 

Evidence of mold in basement

Mold in the Basement

Moisture caused by a leak under the tub above caused the mold you see pictured on the floor joists. The homeowner was shocked when he went into the basement to find his floor joists looking like this.

Evidence of mold in a closet

Mold In The Closet

A musty smell lead this homeowner to the closet, where he found mold when he peeled back the corner of the carpet. He immediately called us and we pulled all the carpet out and removed all the mold.