Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Drying equipment in living room

Home Damaged by Flood Waters

This home was damaged by flooding from severe storms while the owner was away. The owner told us he came home to a nightmare. He also told us that we were the reason the nightmare went away and that he very happy with the way we treated him.

SERVPRO drying equipment

Facility Suffers Flooding From Storm

A storm drove water into this facility filling this office space with water. The carpet was still soaked when we arrived and many parts of the facility had damage in the walls. We were able to repair everything and get them back into their office so quickly that the owner said she couldn't believe it!

SERVPRO drying equipment in office

Drying Office After A Storm

In this picture, we are in the process of drying up excess moisture from water entering the facility due to flooding. The owner said that he appreciated how quickly we responded and the professionalism of our crew. 

Water damage in lobby

Lobby Damaged By Flood Waters

Flood waters entered this facility through the front door and damaged the floors and walls in some areas. The owner needed to get back up and running quickly, so he called us and we delivered!

Water damage due to flooding from storm

Home Damaged By Flooding From Storm

This home was damaged by flood waters when severe storms came through our area. After drying up the moisture and repairing the damage the owner told us that it looked better than it did before! 

House damaged by flood water

Flooding from Storm

Flood waters entered this home through the front door, flooding this living room and damaging the carpet and walls. The owner was devastated. However, the owner told us that we made the process incredibly easy and was very thankful to have his home back very quickly!