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Crawlspace Needing Mold Remediation

This structure had mold damage in their crawlspace that needed to be cleaned right away. This much mold underneath the home will eventually start to cross conta... READ MORE

Microbial Growth in Commercial Building

This facility had mold growing on the insulation after a water damage. When mold is present on materials we do not want to cross contaminate any other areas tha... READ MORE

Containment For Mold Contamination

This facility had microbial growth and our team made sure that the appropriate containment was set up. One of the main purposes of containment is to keep mold s... READ MORE

The Use of Containment on Commercial Properties

The Use of Containment on Commercial PropertiesWhen unsightly mold is present within your place of businesses it is important to have it removed discreetly, awa... READ MORE

Baseboards Can Cause Mold Damage

When there is a water loss in a home or facility we always make sure to remove the baseboards along a wall to help with the drying process. Most DIY restoration... READ MORE

Mold Growing in Closet of White Stations Home

Mold Growing in Closet of White Stations HomeUpon pulling up the carpet in this closet during a routine water damage we found mold growing along the drywall and... READ MORE

Water Damage in Galloway Gardens

Water intrusion can happen at any time, usually at the most inconvenient times. The supply line in this Galloway Garden's home broke in the bathroom which flood... READ MORE

Memphis, TN - Office Damage and Remediation

Storms that cause flooding or hail are not new to the Memphis area. We see the damage often and do our best to keep business from having to be interrupted for l... READ MORE

Storm damage in Elevator Hallway

Storm damage in Elevator HallwayWhen it comes to flooding it is necessary to understand that outside flood water is considered a Category three water job. Categ... READ MORE

Commercial facility damaged after storm.

This facility had significant water damage after a storm. A frozen pipe during the heavy snows caused water to pool all throughout the common area of this build... READ MORE