SERVPRO of East Memphis Employee Photos

Jeff Truitt, male, SERVPRO employee

Jeff Truitt

Jeff Truitt is our President of Business Development here at SERVPRO. Jeff moved to Clarksville back in 1992 while serving in the Airforce. He holds a Bachelor's in Environmental Geography from Austin Peay and a proud supporter of the university. Before SERVPRO, he was the Chief of Staff for the Montgomery County Government. We are thrilled to have Jeff on board!

Brian Bell, male, SERVPRO employee

Brian Bell

Brian Bell is our Chief Financial Officer. He joined our SERVPRO team in February 2017. Brian comes to us with an extensive background and education in accounting. Brian is a native of Clarksville, Tennessee, and is an excellent addition to our team. He will be using his accounting skills in both our mitigation and construction endeavors with certifications in Xactimate.

Bill Shook, male, SERVPRO employee

Bill Shook

Bill Shook is our Director of Transformation/Consultant here at SERVPRO Team Nicholson. He is passionate about undoing the damage and helping families after water, flood, fire, and mold damage.

SERVPRO employee, Heather Tapp, female, blonde hair

Heather Tapp

Heather Tapp is our General Manager at SERVPRO of East Memphis. She is certified in WRT, ASD, FSRT, CCT, and UFT. We are glad to have her as part of our team. She is ready to help you have a great experience with SERVPRO.

Donny Mayfield, male employee, posted for new employee photo in uniform

Donny Mayfield

Donny Mayfield brings 14 years of construction experience to the team. He has held certified roofing inspector credentials from HAAG Engineering. Donny is experienced with Xactimate. He graduated from the University of Memphis with a minor in inter-racial communications and a major in communications. Donny is a father of 3 children and an avid duck hunter.

SERVPRO employee, Patrick Belcher, male in front of white background

Patrick Belcher

Patrick Belcher is one of our Production Managers at SERVPRO of East Memphis. He has the industry knowledge and has worked for various franchises on our team. Originally from Clarksville, Tennessee, his willingness to travel is an asset for our team. He travels with our large loss team and runs projects of any size. He's a great leader that motivates the team to learn new things and become more efficient with the latest technology.

SERVPRO employee, Derrion Chatman, male in front of white background

Derrion Chatman

Derrion Chatman is our Technician for SERVPRO of East Memphis. With his experience, he's ready to serve you. We can always depend on him for our specialty jobs. Eager to jump right in and take care of business, he's dependable, who everyone enjoys working with.

SERVPRO employee, Dustin Bryant, male with hat on

Dustin Bryant

Dustin Bryant is one of our Crew Chiefs at SERVPRO of East Memphis. Certified in WRT and ASD, we're glad to have him on our team! He's excellent at communicating the job's details to our customers and making them comfortable in stressful situations.

David Bulerski, male, SERVPRO employee

David Bulerski

David Bulerski is our Contents Crew Chief at SERVPRO of East Memphis. SERVPRO of East Memphis is glad to have him on board with us. He is ready to serve our customers. Give us a call today.

SERVPRO employee, Richard Patterson, male with hat on

Richard Patterson

Richard Patterson is one of our Crew Chiefs at SERVPRO of East Memphis. Certified in WRT, he's an excellent asset to our team. He's a team player who is willing to jump in and accomplish a task at the drop of a hat. The ability to tackle complex jobs no matter the time of day (or night) with a great attitude!

Male employee Chandler Wallace for SERVPRO photo on white wall

Chandler Wallace

Chandler has experience working in various areas of the business including, fire, water, and mold remediation. We often refer to him as our “special projects” guy because he fits so well into any project he is assigned to. He enjoys producing music in his free time. We are glad to have him on our team.

Nathan Nicholls for SERVPRO photo on white wall

Nathan Nicholls

Nathan is one of our Production Technicians. He has three years of mitigation experience. Nathan is a father of three and loves spending time with his family. He loves to hunt and fish and cook. When he moved to the south he was told he needed to choose a football team to root for-he chose Ole Miss.

SERVPRO employee, Jesus Briceno, male in front of white background

Jesus Briceno

Jesus Briceno is one of our Crew Chiefs at SERVPRO of East Memphis. He's an excellent asset. Relocated to our area from Orlando, Florida, he's a quick learner who adapts well to new technology and does a great job training others. We're glad he moved up to the Memphis area and joined our team!

SERVPRO employee, RJ Barnett, male, posing outside

RJ Barnett

RJ Barnett is our Production Manager/Commercial Sales at SERVPRO of East Memphis. He's our mold expert and does a great job of explaining technical details to our customers. He's certified in WRT, ASD, FRST, CCT, UFT, and AMRT. With his experience, he is ready to serve you! We are glad to have him on our team.

Cassie Yetton, female, SERVPRO employee

Cassie Yetton

Cassie Yetton is our Accounting Manager. She has a background in accounting and secretarial fields with certification in Xactimate and DryBook. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. We are so happy to have her with us!

Janice Weyant, female, SERVPRO employee

Janice Weyant

Janice Weyant is our Human Resource Manager at SERVPRO. She is SHRM-CP and CPP certified and brings with her years of human resource and payroll best practices. This human resource role will be critical in our growth by streamlining hiring the right people in the right positions and expanding our benefit and payroll capacity. 

Marc Meixner, male, SERVPRO employee

Marc Meixner

Marc Meixner is our IT Specialist at SERVPRO. He has an Associates in Science and is a certified IT Security Specialist and COMPTIA A+ certified. Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Marc moved to Clarksville after serving in the Army for 5 years. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his daughter, riding his motorcycle, and watching Ray's baseball.

Ryan Millard, male, SERVPRO employee

Ryan Millard

Ryan Millard is our Sales and Marketing Manager at SERVPRO. Ryan joined Team Nicholson in June of 2018 and has many connections in Clarksville, TN, and surrounding areas. We are glad to have him on our team!

Jamie White, female, SERVPRO employee

Jamie White

Jamie White is our Digital Marketing Coordinator and currently manages our Social Media and Web. She has an Associates in Graphic Design and Bachelors's in Visual Communications. Outside of work, she is a Military Spouse, mother of 4 daughters, artist, and an avid Billiards player in our local community. 

Gavin Parchman, male, SERVPRO employee

Gavin Parchman

Gavin Parchman offers a high degree of professionalism as a project manager. Gavin has to lead many commercial projects for Extreme Team Nicholson dealing with fire, water, and mold. He also has many certifications that make him a great leader and teacher in the restoration industry. He is a strong communicator working well with clients and office staff to help us run a successful SERVPRO franchise.

Jeff Williams, male, SERVPRO employee

Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is our Operations Manager. Jeff joined SERVPRO Team Nicholson in May of 2016. He comes to us with extensive knowledge and expertise for both residential and commercial mitigation work. Jeff certified through IICRC with Water Damage Restoration, Applied Structural Drying, Fire & Smoke Restoration, Carpet Repair & Reinstallation, and Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning. 

Kevin Woodard, male, SERVPRO employee

Kevin Woodard

Kevin Woodard joined SERVPRO Team Nicholson in January of 2016. He comes to us with several years of SERVPRO experience. Kevin is one of our Large Loss Project Managers, and when not traveling, he assists in many other roles within our team structure. Kevin is certified in Water Damage Restoration, Applied Structural Drying, Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning, Fire & Smoke Restoration, Applied Microbial Remediation, and Lead Renovator.