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How To Maintain Smoke Alarms

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Maintain Smoke Alarms Test your smoke alarm at least once a month

Maintaining smoke alarms should be simple. It is important to know which types of alarms you have, how to test these alarms, and the necessary power sources. By taking the following measures, you should be able to count on every smoke alarm to function if a fire starts.

Know How the Alarm Works

A number of different smoke detector designs are available. Depending on the age of a house and the purpose of a room, an alarm may rely on one of the following methods to detect smoke:

  • Ionization
  • Photoelectric
  • Dual-sensor (ionization and photoelectric)
  • Combination (smoke and carbon dioxide)
  • Air-sampling

These alarms vary in functionality and battery life. Make sure you know which alarms are installed in your home.

Test Alarms Monthly

No matter which type of detectors you have, you should test each alarm at least once a month. For most models, this will involve:

  • Pressing and holding a test button
  • Waiting a few seconds for a siren to sound
  • Determining whether batteries or the detector should be replaced

If you don't know how to test a smoke alarm, read the instructions for the brand and model. It is important to regularly test every alarm.

Replace the Batteries

Various smoke detector designs use different batteries. Check to determine which of the following power sources an alarm requires:

  • Replaceable batteries (D, AA, AAA, C, or PP3)
  • 10-year lithium batteries
  • Hardwired electricity

Follow the instructions to replace or disconnect the model for cleaning. You may use compressed air to clean vents on a disconnected alarm.

It is important to know which kinds of alarms are installed in a residence. The alarm design may impact how frequently the batteries in a smoke alarm should be changed. An alarm cannot function without a power source. If your home sustains damage due to a fire, rely on fire damage restoration professionals in Berclair,TN.

Ways of Recovering from Fire Damage

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Ways of Recovering from Fire Damage Silver Platters that are soot damaged.

Fire damage sometimes is extensive and severe, and this can affect properties in a large number of ways. This is the main reason property owners need to know how they can recover from a fire in their home or commercial fire damage.

If left to rage uncontrollably, the fire itself is highly destructive. It can burn belongings, furniture, and fittings to cider. This, in turn, results in other damages like ruined electrics, collapsing structures, and burst pipes. The smoke that travels quickly during the fires is just as bad, not to mention the stains and the smoke smell left behind after fire damage.

For these reasons, it is very crucial that one responds quickly when there is a fire in the home of fire in the business. Seek the help of a fire damage restoration contractor immediately for fire cleanup.

Things to do during the fire damage

In any fire, the priority is the safety of the people. Get them out of the burning premises without hesitation. It may be pointless to try to save some belongings or fight the fire. Contact the local fire department, and they will get there to prevent the fire from spreading more in the home or more commercial fire damage.

Once they are done with their work, you should also contact a fire restoration company (for fire cleanup and restoration services) as well as the insurer. The longer you leave the property unattended, the more extensive the damage will be. Even after the fire has been put out, smoke damage and soot damage still continues.

Secure Restoration

While selecting a fire damage restoration contractor, get the one that can offer emergency response since they can get there instantly. Immediately they get to your property, they will reinforce the structure and prevent any leaks, gaps, or holes.

Afterward, they will assess the smoke damage, soot damage, and assist the property owner in recovering from the home or commercial fire damage. By using sensing equipment, the experts will follow the smoke line and get to know exactly how a property is affected and to what extent. This assists them to come up with a plan and offer you a timescale.

Recovering From Fire Damage

The fire in the home or fire in the business restoration process starts with removing and disposing of items that are non-salvageable. Anything that is thoroughly engulfed in the smoke or contaminated in the water has to be removed and disposed of. Water is removed too at this stage.

The next fire cleanup step after removing the water and drying the place is to begin to clean the surfaces. This involves handling the soot damage, smoke damage, and the smoke smell. The fire damage restoration company has the necessities required to clean everything even if they are dealing with commercial fire damage.

After everything is clean, the fired damage restoration contractor will offer services such as repairing, repainting and reinstalling. These helps to get rid of any soot damage or smoke damage signs that may have remained after the cleaning. Ensure smoke smell is gone completely. Consider hiring a company that can offer full remodeling and renovation services. Such companies can rebuild rooms after a fire in the home or fire in the business.

Preventing Future Fires

Now that everything is back to normal- there is more smoke smell, soot damage and smoke damage- the property owner, has to get someone to conduct an autopsy to know what caused the fire. This way it will be easy to take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening again. Consider installing a smoke alarm so as to prevent fire in the home or fire in the business.

Finally, get the contacts of the fire damage restoration contractor so that it can be easy to deal with the damage and fire cleanup quickly and efficiently.

How Many Fire Alarms Do I Need?

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Many Fire Alarms Do I Need? Every floor of your house in Court,TN should have a fire alarm

Your first line of defense against fire includes safe practices in your home. That begins with prevention through safe practices when using fire, heat and electricity. Your second line of defense, however, is the fire alarm system in your home. Yes, you need more than one smoke detector in your home in Oak Court, TN. Practices have changed in recent years and, if you have been in your house awhile, you may not have enough alarms to keep up with the current safety standards. With fire prevention week coming up, take the time to ensure your family is protected by following updated recommendations for locations of fire alarms in your home.

  1. Place alarms inside every bedroom.

  2. Make sure to install one just outside every sleeping area.

  3. Every floor of your house should have a fire alarm.

  4. Place a unit near the kitchen, but at least 10 feet from the stove.

  5. All fire alarms should be mounted high on walls no further than 12” from the ceiling.

How many alarms should you have?

It depends on how many floors and how many bedrooms. If you have a 3-bedroom house on one story, you may only need four, but if the bedrooms are on different sides of the house that may mean a fifth fire alarm is needed.

A good tip is to put the kitchen alarm on a wall just outside the kitchen, so you aren’t becoming desensitized by too many false alarms from cooking. An early warning can mean preventing a full blaze. Cleaning up a little smoke damage is much preferable to losing your home in a fire.

Once a fire starts, you only have a few minutes to get out of a building. Well-located alarms will give you the warning you need to get your family out fast. If you need help with cleanup from a fire, smoke or soot, look for a professional recovery team that can handle all stages of fire damage recovery, from cleanup to rebuilding.

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Secure After a Fire

8/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 5 Ways to Keep Your Business Secure After a Fire This building suffered from a small fire

After fire damage, your Memphis, TN, business building may be unattended until repairs start. Protecting it in the meantime is beneficial towards preventing additional losses. By adhering to these five tips, you can secure your business to ensure you can reopen without added hurdles.

1. Retrieve Important Documents and Valuables

If it’s safe to enter, it’s best to gather up anything that may be detrimental if stolen or lost. This includes safes, money, computers or important business documents. They should be relocated to a secure location until they can be safely returned.

2. Board up the Building for Safety

Protecting the windows and covering major holes in the property prevents unwanted intruders. This stops natural forces like rain from entering your commercial property. Water damage further weakens the structure’s integrity and puts it at risk of further deterioration.

Additionally, sealing off extra entryways removes easy access to sneak inside your building. The protection complicates looting and vandalism. Criminals are deterred with an increased risk of being caught.

3. Contact Lenders, Customers and Partners

Fire damage that causes a building to become inoperable will change how you work with business partners and customers. They are likely wondering how operations will change, so phone calls or emails should be made explaining what will change in the meantime. This can also lead to others lending a hand to help your business with its temporary needs.

4. Gather Documents for the Claims Process

Hopefully, you’ll still have access to receipts or statements about the costs of items lost to a fire. During the process, these should be printed off and gathered in a single place to relieve the burden of proof later. This should include photos and videos of the property, so you can prove the damage later if necessary.

5. Begin Restoring and Fixing Your Property

With the assistance of a professional commercial property restoration company, your business can receive proper fire cleanup. By protecting your business before a restoration company can begin work, you save yourself unnecessary repairs for everything except the fire damage. By always being smart and proactive, your business will thrive.

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The Tricky Relationship Between Fire and Insurance

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Tricky Relationship Between Fire and Insurance Fire Damage in Memphis Tennessee

A standard insurance policy for residential fire damage typically covers most common causes of home fires and damage. The coverage can include cooking fires, electrical short blazes, and overheating Christmas light flames. The average policy can also cover fires resulting from lightning, theft, and vandalism. However, there are two types of fire damages that are not generally covered in Memphis, TN, however. The two exceptions are arson insurance fraud and a vacant home fire.

Arson Insurance Fraud

A deliberately set fire is known as arson and is a criminal offence that is punishable by fines, restitution, and prison or jail time. Although torching is generally a result of burning someone else’s property or home, there have been individuals found guilty of setting fire to their own buildings with the following items

• Matches
• Combustible fluids
• Incendiary devices

Insurance companies do not pay for intentionally set building fires because there has been a long-standing tradition of people paying to have the structure destroyed in order to collect insurance money. Insurance investigators now typically inspect the scene of suspect fires before paying any money to the insured.

Vacant Home Fires

Vacancy is legally defined as a building that has been unoccupied for 30 or more consecutive days. Furthermore, if the insurance company proves the home was vacant when the fire started, the policy will not cover the home fire damage, and no pay-out will be awarded to the insured.

There is one exception to the rule, and that is a vacant home insurance endorsement. Fire repair and restoration experts recommend the additional coverage because it often includes theft, hail, vandalism, wind, and fire damage to vacation homes. Year around coverage is required for this type of endorsement.

Insurance Coverage Inspections

If you have a home fire and an insurance inspector is part of the investigation, do not be overly concerned. Insurance companies have become leery of fire damage claims because so many fraud cases have occurred in the past two decades. If you find yourself working with an insurance fire inspector and your fire damage claim is denied, remember you can appeal the finding.

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3 Easy Fire Safety Steps

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 3 Easy Fire Safety Steps Learning basic fire safety steps is important if a fire broke out in your home

Just the thought of a fire at your Germantown, TN, home can invite a world of stress. After all, such a disaster can change everything in an instant. If you have children, you've likely wondered about the best preventative measures you can take to maintain kids safety. The following safety steps can help you stay sheltered in the case of emergency.

1. Crawl

Even though kids safety is a topic covered to some degree in most educational programs, your instruction can remind them that following fire safety rules is important. Let your child know that there are two types of crawling that can get them to safety if a home fire occurs. The first type of crawl is most common, in which one gets down on all fours, drops forearms to the ground and points his or her nose to the floor. The second method is to lie on your stomach and crawl with legs pressed to the floor. Use the second method when temperature levels become too extreme.

2. Roll

Another vital step in a fire escape involves rolling out of the bed. Although it may seem simple, your children should carry out the steps properly. It is important that your child's head is facing down first; from there, they can remain stable when sliding to the floor. You can practice these steps at home to ensure they're done correctly.

3. Double-Check

An additional kids safety step includes maintaining awareness of one's surroundings. Teach your child the dangers of a closed door in a house fire – a factor that could quickly lead to a flashover. Opening a door with fire trapped behind it can create an explosion by allowing fresh oxygen in. Let children know that if a door is hot to the touch, they need to keep it closed.

Whether you've been through the unfortunate experience of a home fire or simply want to teach your children about escaping the dangers, learning the basics can prove advantageous in the long run. You can learn more about teaching safety tips to children by contacting fire safety experts in your area.

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How to Handle the Aftermath of a Fire in Your Home

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

A house fire in Memphis, TN can leave you and your family scared and overwhelmed, but by keeping a few things in mind, you can get on the path to restoring your home life back to normal. While you may need to use caution and avoid entering your damaged home, there are steps that can be taken right away to start the fire restoration process.

Staying Safe

Even if it may look like the fire is completely gone, you should wait for the fire department to tell you it’s safe before entering your home. Fires can reignite and may still be present in the walls or attic. The fire, as well as the water used in putting it out, can damage and contaminate your utilities. They may be turned off by the fire department if they are unsafe for use. It can be best if you don’t try to turn them back on. You should also be careful not to touch any of your house’s contents right away.

Evaluating the Damage

One of the first things you can do after a fire is to contact your insurance company. They may ask you to evaluate the extent of the damage and give them a list of everything that was lost. Fire insurance can be helpful in paying for fire restoration service. Insurance may also help you replace or pay for items that were burned.

Hiring A Restoration Service

In the aftermath of a fire, few things are more helpful than hiring a restoration service. Having experts to help with tasks such as repairs and smoke cleaning can take a lot of stress off you. You can rest assured that a fire restoration company will probably be able to handle the damage much better than you would on your own.

Fires can leave your home damaged and burned, but there are things you can do to get it back to its previous state. That being said, your first priority should always be keeping yourself and family safe.

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Your Home Post-Fire: The Damage Is Real

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Your Home Post-Fire: The Damage Is Real

Fire damage means more than smoke and soot stains on the walls and furniture. What some homeowners fail to realize is that fighting a fire causes a lot of water damage. A fire hose may pump anywhere from 300 to 800 gallons per minute. That much water can cause flooding in your home, in addition to soaking floors, dry wall, insulation, and furnishings.

What To Do When Waiting for Help

In the event of water damage following a blaze, it is best to call a fire restoration specialist in Memphis, TN. While waiting for professional help to arrive, there are a few steps you can take to begin the recovery process:

Use commercial wet-dry vacs to extract as much water as possible.
Remove carpets and carpet pads that are over wood floors to prevent floor buckling.
Place a dehumidifier in every room of the house to extract moisture and block the growth of mold.
Place scraps of wood under objects, like furniture legs, that rest on the floor. This helps prevent staining.
Spread a light layer of petroleum jelly on metal objects.
Don’t throw away anything, no matter the condition, until your insurance company representative has inspected the site.

How the Aftermath Can Be Unhealthy

The water that remains in your home as part of the fire damage is contaminated. It is important to keep pets and children away from the water. Throw away any canned, boxed, or packaged food that comes in contact with the water. The risk of the food quality becoming comprised is too great.

A fire restoration company will also clean up smoke and soot, which will otherwise leave harmful acidic residue on your walls and furnishings. They have special cleaners that eliminate the odors of fire damage as well. When struggling with the aftermath of a home fire in Memphis, TN remember that there are trained professionals ready to help you recover. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Damage Resulting in Loss

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Resulting in Loss

Fire damage restoration is stressful, devastating and even traumatizing. The loss resulting from fire damage and smoke damage can be quite huge. Fire can render a person homeless. For commercial fire damage, the lost can even bring down the utility room fire business. Fire is also as severe as the utility room fire itself. Fire flames may extend to the neighborhood resulting in a massive mass loss.

It essential for someone to salvage any item that will be within his reach to minimize the utility room fire damages. First, the owner should make haste to contact his insurance company. This will enable them to get first hand and correct information pertaining the incidence. Remember any delays may result in the loss of sufficient evidence pushing the insurance company not to pay for the incurred loss. A fire restoration company with a fire hose should also be contacted to the process of fire clean up can immediately commence.

During the fire clean up, you are required to stay out as smoke, and other toxic fumes may still be in the utility room fire atmosphere. Board up the openings to prevent other people from entering the site. Only the certified restoration company workers should be allowed in the building as they usually wear protective clothing and masks. Soot damage may be all over making the place more of a dark-colored museum. If it is commercial fire damage, the business should stop its active operations in the building till all the clean-up is made.

Useful restoration tips

Repairing flooring

Water may find its way under the carpets and deep into the cracks on the floor. During the process, you may lift up the carpet and mop the floor. If the floor is severely damaged, call your restoration company for clean up. The floor restoration may involve setting up of an entirely new floor.              

Board up

A professional restoration company will board up the open windows and doors to prevent people from entering the premises, especially in commercial fire damage.

Mold and mildew eradication

Since a lot of water is usually used to extinguish the fire, mold and mildew find a suitable place to grow. They tend to produce on furniture, mattresses, walls and even on clothes. Only the fire damage restoration company should handle this.

Cleaning wooden materials

Not all the furniture may be consumed in the smoke damage or during the fire restoration process. The remaining ones are however more likely to suffer from either smoke damage or soot damage. Soot being an oily substance, try to remove it with a suitable detergent before scrubbing.

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Soot and Smoke Damage in Your Memphis Home

9/30/2017 (Permalink)

Soot and Smoke Damage in Your Memphis Home

Two common types of fire damage are soot damage and smoke damage. After a smaller utility room fire, the smoke damage will usually be in that room and any surrounding rooms or hallways. With a larger electrical fire, the soot damage can appear on the walls surrounding the outlet or source of the fire.

The soot may follow a straight line around the building because an electrical fire typically follows the building's wiring. Fire restoration work can include cleaning the walls to remove that soot, using deodorizers to reduce smells and sanitizing anything left in the building.

SERVPRO has many different ways to remove odors after a fire Visit for more information on fire damage.

A Guide To Recovering From Fire Damage

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

A Guide To Recovering From Fire Damage

If fire damage occurs, it is often possible to restore a home to its previous state. However, it is important to hire the right fire damage restoration company rather than attempting do it yourself repair of fire and soot damage. Here are some tips for choosing a fire damage restoration company after a fire in home or fire in business:

Experience Counts:

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a fire damage restoration company is whether they are experienced in the fire cleanup business. In addition, the individual fire damage restoration experts that work for the restoration company should have extensive fire cleanup experience. This will ensure that they are able to handle the situations that they are likely to encounter while repairing the structure. Also, make sure that the company has experience dealing with significant cases of smoke damage and deodorizing a strong smoke smell.

Consider Choosing A Franchise Cleanup Company:

Sometimes, a fire and smoke damage restoration company will have branches that are located throughout the country. A franchise restoration company is generally quite reputable, and they often accept a wide range of home insurance plans.

Certification And Licenses:

The company that does the fire cleanup should be certified by the IIRC for cleaning up fire damage. In addition, it's important that the company has any licenses that are necessary at the state level. Furthermore, check the credentials of the board up company that you choose.

Read Reviews:

It's important to make sure that the company has been reviewed well by other customers. There are several different places to read reviews of a fire damage cleanup company. It's possible to read reviews on Google, Yelp, and Angie's List. Another great place to find well reviewed companies is Home Advisor.

It also is a good idea to look for the company on the Better Business Bureau website. The Better Business Bureau certifies companies that have been shown to be reputable, and it provides them with a grade. Avoid companies that have been certified but have a low grade. It's also important to check reviews of a board up company.

Commercial Fire Damage:

Fire in business damage is often different than fire in home damage. Anyone who suffers commercial fire damage should hire a fire cleanup company that specializes in commercial fire damage. Fire cleanup of commercial fire damage must be done by professionals that are skilled at removing the smoke smell that is common after a fire in business.

The smoke smell during the aftermath of a fire damage can cause customers to avoid going to a business. It's especially important to hire skilled professionals to get rid of the smoke smell in a large space.

Emergency Assistance Can Prevent Further Damage To Your Home:

After the fire in home has been extinguished, additional damage to a structure can still occur. In fact, a lot of soot damage happens after the fire is out. This is because particles of soot tend to slowly settle on surfaces over the course of several weeks after the fire. In addition, without board up services, your home will be vulnerable to vandalism and theft.

Luckily, it is generally possible to prevent most soot damage that occurs after the fire is out. Professionals will blow out the particles of soot using fans, and they will clean surfaces that have soot particles on them. There are many emergency board up services that can be contacted immediately after the fire, and many home insurance plans cover their services.

Consider The Water Damage:

In addition to the smoke damage and soot damage, water damage often occurs in cases of fire in home or fire in business. This is because the large volumes of water that are used by the fire department seeps into walls and floors. Without immediate attention, this can result in the growth of mold. Furthermore, it can cause dry rot. This can cause serious structural problems. Make sure that the restoration company that's cleaning the structure is also skilled at getting rid of water damage. Furthermore, getting rid of water damage is necessary before you can effectively get rid of smoke damage.
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How to Minimize Fire Damage

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

How to Minimize Fire Damage

Minimizing further fire damage is one of the first considerations after a fire in a home or a fire in a business. Commercial fire damage can greatly affect the ability of a business to continue operations. In order to recover as much value as possible from a property that has undergone fire damage, smoke damage, and soot damage, a restoration company should be contacted immediately after the premises are secure. The fire cleanup team can aid in evaluating the damage to the property and listing the items that are present. They can also perform fire damage restoration and offer an estimate onsite.

A restoration company will also be instrumental in boarding up a property if commercial fire damage has compromised any doors or windows. Roofs and walls that may have been cut into by firefighters during the fire may also need to be boarded up. This process can be much more difficult than it originally appears due to the need to evaluate the structural integrity of much of the building;s foundation. A professional contractor should be contacted before an individual attempts to board up his or her own property after a fire in a home or a fire in a business. Boarding up a property that has undergone fire damage is important both to prevent the collapse of the building as well as to protect it from any intruders who may cause additional damage.

The fire cleanup will also involve drying up all the water that firefighters may flood the premises with in order to put out the fire. This water can cause extensive water damage as well as promote the growth of mold. A certified technician can employ all manner of techniques to dry out the property and prevent mold growth using industrial equipment that may include a water extractor, a dehumidifier, and an air current mover. This process will also somewhat remove the smoke smell that may persist after a fire.

After a list of personal belongings have been identified and list along with the property owner, a restoration company can work with him or her to reverse the smoke damage and soot damage that may have settled into the property. Surfaces can often be fully cleaned, even if it is porous like carpet. Deep vacuuming and steam injection is often successful in removing the oily soot that may lead to residual smoke smell. Fire damage restoration requires techniques that require specialized equipment, and these techniques can be discussed with the property owner in order to decide whether or not to proceed with restoration.

If fire damage restoration is not possible on certain items, they may be more easily replaced. In this case, the restoration company will also help to dispose of these items in the appropriate manner. After a fire in a home or a fire in a business, much debris will need to removed anyway. Smoke damage and soot damage is reversible, but property owners sometimes choose to replace items and surfaces instead.

All surfaces are sanitized and cleaned after all soot damage and smoke damage have been reversed. The fire clean up team will also instruct property owners on how to prevent commercial fire damage in the future. Any residual smoke smell will be ventilated until gone. If the smoke smell persists, chemical solutions like an ozone treatment or thermal fogging are also options depending on the needs of the property owner. Additional treatments may be needed weeks or even months after the initial incident.

Fire cleanup is extremely daunting for an individual who is shocked by a fire in a home or a fire in a business. However, fire damage restoration is normal for a fire cleanup specialist, even after extension commercial fire damage. A specialist who has the experience and the expertise to guide a property owner will ensure that fire damage is minimized as much as possible. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Considerations for the Best Fire Damage Restoration Company

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Considerations for the Best Fire Damage Restoration Company

The residues of fire including soot and smoke can damage both home and business assets. Carbon dioxide from the fire damage is also harmful to human and animal health if inhaled. It is, therefore, important to call a fire damage restoration company immediately to remove the mess and put everything in order again. Though not all the fire-burnt items can be restored, the restoration company can do its best to refurbish the essential goods where possible. In fact, an experienced damage restoration company provides all the necessary services including fire cleanup, restoring soot damage, deodorizing smoke smell, and clearing smoke damage after the fire in home or business. Choosing the best damage restoration company, however, is a tedious task that requires careful consideration. So what factors would you need to consider?

The Right Equipment

A good fire damage restoration company has all the necessary equipment including fans and blowers to efficiently complete the task. The equipment should be well-maintained and ready for use at any given time. The water used to extinguish the fire also damages the wood and other materials in the vicinity. Hence, the company should be contacted immediately after the fire in home or business. This will help prevent any further soot and smoke damage. The restoration process requires skilled professionals too; do not assume that you can do the job alone as you may end up harming yourself or family, and in the case of commercial fire damage, may also harm your clients.

Certified Full-service Damage Restoration Company

The restoration company that you choose should have proper certification from the responsible bodies. It should also have well-trained technicians who are willing to diligently do their work even with short notice to prevent smoke smell, soot damage, and smoke damage from spoiling what remained after the fire in home or business.

Some companies offer specific services only. For instance, a company may specialize in fire cleanup, smoke smell removal, or commercial fire damage refurbishment. This will require you to choose more than one companies. Therefore, it is important to confirm with the company on the kind of fire cleanup services they offer before they begin the work after the fire in business or home.

Experienced in Working with Insurance Firms

Being the insurance policy holder, it is your duty to disclose all the losses incurred after the fire in business or home to the insurance company, and provide the documents required for the insurance claiming process. In this case, you will need estimates from the restoration company that meets the strict requirements of the insurance firm. The estimates should also be created using specified estimating software, and this can only be done by a damage restoration company that is experienced in working with various insurance firms. If the estimates and the format do not meet the insurance company’s standards, the claim may be rejected.

Available At All Times

No one knows when fire damage will occur as most commercial fire damage can even happen at night. Therefore, choose a company that is available 24/7 in the case of fire in home or business. For any fire damage including commercial fire damage, you will want to resume your regular activities as soon as possible. Thus, select a company that will not keep you waiting long after the fire in business or home. Smoke and soot damage also need to be restored immediately when fire damage occurs to save some valuable items from being destroyed by the fire in business or home. Moreover, the smoke smell has to be cleared quickly to avoid harming people and animals.

Choosing a reliable full-service fire damage restoration company can be a challenging task. However, with adequate knowledge of what to consider, you can easily get the right company that responds immediately. The sooner the company begins the fire cleanup and fire damage restoration process; the more contents can be salvaged after the fire in home or business. This helps to prevent soot damage, smoke smell, and smoke damage from causing much harm.
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Rebuilding Your Life After a Fire

5/26/2017 (Permalink)

Rebuilding Your Life After a Fire

This tragedy can strike at any time – it doesn’t care if it’s night or day; hot or cold; raining or sunny. Fire can strike at any time, and It often leaves a devastating amount of damage in its wake. People’s first reaction after the flames die out is to try and figure out where they should go next. However, one should educate themselves on the process of fire damage restoration in order to prepare themselves for what comes next.

First, they must evaluate the amount of damage to their property. The amount and the cost of the damage can vary significantly depending on if this fire is a fire in a home or a fire in a business. Commercial fire damage is often the more costly of the types of fire damage. The victim should be looking around their property for soot damage and be aware if there is any smoke smell in the property. From here, they may want to contact their insurance company to see if their insurance covers professional fire damage restoration.

Professional fire damage restoration can be an incredible relief to most homeowners. These fire cleanup companies take care of all of the damage that has been left in the wake of the fire. From soot damage, to smoke damage and smoke smell, these companies can ensure that all of the traces of the fire are gone.

Fire in a business can be exceptionally devastating, as the fire damage is not only destroying their property, but also their livelihood. In the case of a fire in a business, it is incredibly important to contact a professional fire damage restoration company to make sure that the business is up and running as soon as possible.

Commercial fire damage can also include destroyed merchandise and equipment, so keeping an accurate inventory of the loss will also help the business owner with their insurance claims. The financial damages from fire in a business can be incredibly high due to the inventory, supplies, and equipment lost in addition to the property. Because of the high cost of commercial fire damage, it is very important that the business owner document everything and be prepared to work hard to get everything restored.

However, that is not to downplay the seriousness of fire in a home. Fire damage in a home can destroy one’s most prized (and expensive) possession. The fire cleanup must be incredibly thorough in order to protect the homeowner’s investment. A fire in a home can destroy prized possessions and family heirlooms. Acting fast when there is a fire in a home can save precious time and get a homeowner back into their house as soon as possible.

One of the most challenging parts of fire cleanup is ensuring that all smoke damage is rectified in the property. This smoke damage can cause a terrible smoke smell that permeates the property. This smoke smell can not only cause someone to feel uncomfortable in their own property, but diminishes the value of the property as well. Smoke damage is also one of the most obvious signs of a fire, as the smell is instantly recognizable. Smoke smell will almost always require a professional cleanup, as the process is very involved and uses special chemicals and treatments to remove the smell of smoke from the carpets and walls.

The most obvious fire damage that needs cleanup in the case of many small fires is soot damage. While minor soot damage can be cleaned by hand and covered up by paint, major damage generally requires a professional fire cleanup company to take care of the mess. These companies have special equipment and are able to clean, or rebuild when necessary, the property.

Whether it’s a fire in a home or commercial fire damage, it is important to keep a clear head when dealing with the fallout from this tragedy. Making hasty decisions can hurt in the long run. Working with a professional fire restoration company can make sure that the entire thing is taken care of from start to finish. Visit for more information on fire damage.